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Wraparound Supports for Reconnectors

The Administration proposes investing $15 million to provide additional wraparound services to low-income Reconnectors, defined as those whose FAFSA determined they had an expected family contribution (EFC) of $0 and/or were fully/partially Pell-eligible. Reconnect applicants who complete the FAFSA and meet these eligibility requirements would get flagged for these additional services:

  • Comprehensive benefits access: LEO would hire additional navigators to systematically screen all Pell-eligible students for eligibility for public benefits programs. These dedicated navigators would help Reconnectors complete the MI Bridges application to determine eligibility for food assistance, child care subsidy, emergency relief, healthcare coverage, and would then help them enroll in these programs. Navigators would also screen Reconnectors for eligibility for WIOA-funded programs offered through the local workforce development agency that may cover books, supplies and transportation expenses.    
  • Student Success Grants Pilot Program: Up to 2,000 Reconnectors attending partner community colleges that meet income eligibility criteria ($0 EFC) would automatically qualify for additional student success grants to stack on top of Pell and Reconnect to pay for costs of attendance. Students would be eligible to receive up to $2,000 per semester to cover non-tuition expenses, for up to three semesters. The grant would be distributed by the student's community college based on the meeting of success criteria, including meaningful momentum toward a credential and regularly meeting with their success coach.