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Business Development Project

Efforts to reform MBDP/business development project evaluation in order to focus on pathway jobs

As part of the state's commitment to creating a more equitable and resilient economy for all, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) evolved its flagship business attraction and retention tool - the Michigan Business Development Program (MBDP) - to include stronger definitions around pathway jobs, reinforce a commitment to invest in geographically disadvantaged areas and reflect ongoing support for innovative industries across the state.

The state's increased emphasis on job types is grounded in an approach to creating "opportunity jobs," with wage thresholds varying by locality across the state. These definitions signal the state's commitment to pathway jobs -a more specific definition than has been used in the past focused on good and promising jobs. This focus will ensure Michigan is considering the statewide growth of jobs that pay wages that allow a family to sustain life needs such as food, shelter, utilities, transportation, and childcare and support a modest lifestyle, including employer-sponsored health programs and other employer benefits. These jobs also ensure the state is considering jobs that have a pathway for growth within a reasonable period of time and receive adequate training and experience in order to grow.

"Many Michigan families do not earn enough to make ends meet where they live, however opportunity jobs are an ideal source to offer struggling workers pathways to middle-class prosperity. Michigan can improve its overall labor market opportunity by growing good and promising jobs".