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  • Get Looking

    Get Looking

    College is expensive! Many students have to combine multiple types of financial aid, as well as savings and income from student jobs to pay for college.  To put together a strong college financing plan, you should research and apply for multiple scholarships including local, college, and national scholarship opportunities.

  • Local Scholarships

    Local Scholarships

    It is easiest to start close to home. Local scholarships have a smaller applicant pool compared to national awards, meaning less competition and increased odds of obtaining funds. The MI Student Aid scholarship database is a great place to look for local scholarships.  More local scholarship information can be obtained from high school guidance counselors. Local newspaper archives and old commencement programs from your high school will often list the names of scholarships next to the recipients. It is always a good idea to research family employers, unions, churches, and clubs as they may have established scholarship programs.

  • College Scholarships

    College Scholarships

    Students who have selected the college they plan to attend should research that college’s website for scholarship opportunities. High school students should search for scholarships for incoming freshmen. Scholarships for transfer students or currently enrolled students will also be available.

  • National Scholarships

    National Scholarships

    Don’t be afraid to go for those national scholarships. While they may be more competitive, there is a wide variety to apply for, and several are bound to be a good fit.

    Use scholarship search sites to create a profile and identify scholarships that are the best fit.  While these sites are free to use, you may receive solicitations or targeted advertising after creating your profile.  Know that you should not be required to make any purchase in order to use their scholarship search services.  MI Student Aid has a few scholarship search sites to get your started.