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While you have several tools to assist you in loan repayment including loan deferment and forbearance, several repayment options, and loan consolidation, having a strong understanding of basic financial skills will go a long way in ensuring that you have a lifetime of success including successfully satisfying your student loan obligations.

This database-driven website will allow you to search by a financial topic. Based on your chosen criteria, the database will provide you with links to research, activities, games, exercises, and other useful financial resources that you may want to implement in your life.

Student Retention Resources

Successful student retention programs recognize that cognitive, social, and institutional factors all play a role in student retention and persistence. The most effective student retention programs address these three components by examining financial aid packages, course availability and content, as well as implementing support mechanisms such as tutoring, mentoring, and career counseling. It is also imperative to have a means of tracking students through school and monitoring the program's success so that the institution can determine which methods are effective and those that need improvement. For example, programs may be in areas of financial aid, student services, academic services, and recruitment and admissions, among others. MGA provides resource links that include advising, retention articles, and reports.

Advising and Retention Articles

Enhancing Student Persistence: Connecting the Dots outlines promising strategies and policies linking access, academic preparation, and persistence. Five conditions are cited in promoting persistence: expectation, advice, support, involvement, and active learning.

Retention Reports

American Council on Education - Access & Persistence: Findings from ten years of longitudinal research on students.

What works in student retention? ACT reports by institutional type.

National Center for Postsecondary Improvement has a variety of searchable reports.

Retention Related Links

Center for the Study of College Student Retention:

  • Reference definitions
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  • Retention slide presentation

Journal of Student Retention - The aim and scope of the Journal of Student Retention are to provide the educational community, federal and state government officials, and the public with the latest findings regarding the retention of students in higher education.

Collegeways provides retention resources to individuals and educational institutions.