MI Scholarship Self-Service Tool

MI Scholarship Search Self-Service Tool

Select which Michigan county you live in to view the available scholarships for that location. You may also filter those results by gender and student type. Use the 'Generate PDF' button to export a list of your results that you can save to your device.

MI Student Aid houses a database of Michigan place-based scholarships. A Michigan place-based scholarship means that one of the scholarship components is linked to a Michigan school, county, city or region. The database does not contain Michigan scholarships without a place-based component. While the MI Student Aid database is an excellent source for local scholarships, a successful scholarship application strategy should also include national, state, and college/institutional scholarship applications.


Please note that your search results include only scholarships whose applications are currently available. Many scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be opening later, over the fall and winter. Please refer to our database throughout the year as more scholarship applications become available.