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College Aid Administrators


MiSSG is loading 2022-23 FAFSAs and 2023-24 FAFSAs. Use the 'Reports' feature in MiSSG to view a listing of your eligible students and to assist students who may need additional support.

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MiSSG College Aid Administrator Portal

The MiSSG College Aid Administrator Portal is your way to access data about the students at your institution.

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Additional Resources


MI Student Aid Publications for Academic Year 2022-23 are available for download and to order.

Federal Student Aid Videos

Federal Student Aid created a collection of videos related to the FAFSA and other financial aid topics. 

Guest Student Verification Form

Guest Student Verification Forms are used for verifying guest students.

High School Completion Substitution Form

High School Completion Substitution forms may be used by the institution for MCS and MTG students who have not met the high school completion requirement.

Procedures manuals from prior years are meant for reference only.

2021-22 Manual

2020-21 Manual

SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS)

The State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS) system allows you, as a payee/vendor/grantee, to manage your information, view your financial transactions, view business and grant opportunities and much more.

SSGO Refund Worksheets

These forms are to be completed by postsecondary institutions returning previously paid funds to Student Scholarships, Grant and Outreach (SSGO).