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Bulk Student Transfers

Institutions may now submit a Bulk Student Transfer Request form to Student Scholarships, Grants and Outreach (SSGO) for students who need to be transferred in MiSSG. 

This process and form are intended to protect students' information and should be utilized for new bulk (six or more) student transfer requests. If additional transfer requests need to be submitted, a separate form should be utilized and should not include students for whom a request has been previously submitted.

The preferred method to transfer a student record is via the student utilizing their MiSSG Student Portal account.

  • Students who need to transfer their MiSSG record to a different institution can either update it in their MiSSG Student Portal or call us at 888-447-2687 for assistance.
  • Our office has created instructions for students to assist in the transfer process.

This Bulk Transfer Request form is not intended to replace the preferred method of student-initiated transfer requests.

How to complete a Bulk Student Transfer Request:

Follow this process to submit a Bulk Student Transfer Request form:

  1. Download the Bulk Student Summary for your respective institution from 'Activity Reports' in MiSSG. This report contains student summary data information, if they are designated at the institution running the report, including eligibility status for programs in the selected academic year at the student's current institution.

  2. Cross-check the Bulk Student Summary against your institution’s internal roster of enrolled students and identify students for whom a transfer request needs to be submitted so they may appear at your institution in MiSSG.

  3. Using the form in the Bulk Transfer Request Form tab, complete columns B-I for each student transfer request. Certain fields only allow entries in specific format as indicated below:
    - Columns A and J – Pre-populated.
    - Column B, H, and I – Select from available dropdown options.
    - Column F – MiSSG IDs must be 7 digits long. Duplicates will be highlighted in red for easy identification and removal.
    - Column G – Student UIC must be 10 digits long. Duplicates will be highlighted in red for easy identification and removal.

    You may still copy/paste bulk student lists into the data fields as long as the above criteria are met.

  4. Ensure all data entered on the form is accurate and certify that you have ensured accuracy and enrollment of students by completing contact/signature details in rows 2-3.

  5. Completed forms should be emailed to with "<Institution Name> Bulk Student Transfer Request" in the subject line. Our office will confirm receipt of your Bulk Transfer Request Form and may reach out with updates or additional questions during the review process. You will be notified with a summary of the final determination of all requests. Due to high volume of requests, processing times may vary.


Bulk Student Transfer Request Form          Submit Bulk Student Transfer Request Form


This process is subject to change during the Academic Year 2023-24 and beyond.