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Payment of Stipend

  • No. This is not the same as proposed HB 6013
  • Allowable student teaching expenses:

    • Tuition costs.
    • Living expenses, including, but not limited to, housing costs, health care costs, and transportation costs.
    • Childcare costs for a dependent of the student teacher.
    • Any other costs associated with student teaching.
  • Up to $9,600 per semester to be paid towards allowable student teaching expenses.
  • No, you cannot receive compensation during your required student teaching experience and receive the MI Future Educator Stipend.

    Students cannot be paid by their district for their student teaching experience. If a student is paid as a substitute teacher for work outside of their student teaching experience, they may still qualify for the MI Future Educator Stipend.

    • A student is considered 'paid' if they are receiving consistent pay for their student teacher experience, whether they are paid by the school district or a third-party substitute teaching servicer, or if they are receiving a lump sum payment for their student teaching experience.
    • Students who occasionally substitute teach for their mentor teachers or within their student teaching school district are considered 'unpaid' and eligible for the MI Future Educator Stipend. Students who complete at least 300 student contact hours in an unpaid capacity meet the 'unpaid' parameter.
  • Approved funds will be sent to your institution’s financial aid office.

    For students attending private institutions, funds will be sent to the school district you are completing your student teaching.

    The school district will then send the funds to the institution’s financial aid office.

  • You will need to discuss any income tax related questions with a tax professional.

    Your institution will be required to issue a IRS Form 1099 to you, which you may use to report the MI Future Educator Stipend on your Federal Tax Return.

  • No. The stipend is paid directly to students and does not affect your financial aid package.