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MI Future Educator Stipend

The MI Future Educator Stipend is a $9,600 stipend to support Michigan’s hardworking student teachers as they continue their journey to being in the classroom full-time. 

$24.4 million has been awarded to 2,290 future educators during the 2022-23 school year. 

2023-24 Application is Now Available

The 2023-24 application for Fall student teachers is now available in the MiSSG Student Portal

Applications for Winter/Spring student teachers will open on November 1. 

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible, the student must:

  • Be admitted in an eligible Educator Preparation Program (EPP) approved by Michigan's State Board of Education.
  • Be working towards initial teacher certification.
  • Be participating full-time in a required student teaching experience, meeting one of the following parameters:
    • Full-time enrollment in required student teaching coursework.
    • 300 or more student contact hours while student teaching.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Be in an unpaid student teaching position in a Michigan public school district or a public school academy.
    • A student is considered 'paid' if they are receiving consistent pay for their student teacher experience, whether they are paid by the school district or a third-party substitute teaching servicer, or if they are receiving a lump sum payment for their student teaching experience.
    • Students who occasionally substitute teach for their mentor teachers or within their student teaching school district are considered 'unpaid' and eligible for the MI Future Educator Stipend. Students who complete at least 300 student contact hours in an unpaid capacity meet the 'unpaid' parameter.
  • Not received the MI Future Educator Student Teacher Stipend before, unless your program specifically requires more than one semester of student teaching.

Ready to apply? Follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the MiSSG Student Portal.
  • Complete the application in the MiSSG Student Portal for MI Future Educator Stipend.
  • Complete the MI Future Stipend Verification Form through the MiSSG Student Portal Account.

Apply Now

Already applied? These are the next steps in the process:

  • Institutions will be contacted to certify student eligibility.
  • Payments are made to the institution or school district.

MI Future Educator Stipend Full Process

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