Consumers Energy

Consumers Green Generation program began in 2005.  At the end of 2007 11,660 customers have chosen to participate. The Green Generation program offers customers several participation options which are described below. 

Program Option 1:
Participants can pay a $0.01667 per kwh renewable resources premium applicable to an amount equal to 100% of total monthly energy consumed. The cost will fluctuate based on the number of kilowatt-hours of energy used in a given month.

Program Option 2:
Participants can purchase GreenBlocks that represent 150 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, for a small monthly premium of $2.50 per block.

Program Option 3:
Businesses or residential customers requiring a larger share of energy can also participate in Green Generation. If 100 or more individual GreenBlocks are purchased each month, participants may qualify for a discounted price of $2.00 per block per month, with a minimum monthly premium of $200.