EV conference offers roadmap for future MPSC action. Customer education, grid impact, charger availability among areas to be studied.

On February 20, the Michigan Public Service Commission held a public hearing on plug-in electric vehicles (EV) with discussions surrounding utility pilot charging projects and what role the Commission plays in program deployment.

The Commission will use the feedback from the “Shifting into Drive: Future EV Pilot Programs” public conference to formulate regulatory policy to accommodate the anticipated growth of electric vehicles in Michigan. The discussions will also facilitate effective planning for the increased impact that vehicle electrification will have on the charging infrastructure as well as overall electrical demand and service reliability.

The information gathered at the hearing will guide the Commission as it considers the future impact expanded EV charging will have on the electrical grid and how customer use will be accounted for in rate structure and time-of-day use. An initial decision by the Commission will be announced at a future meeting.

In its Dec. 20, 2017, order (Case No. U-18368), the Commission provided its initial thoughts on areas of focus and performance measurements for utility EV pilot programs. In summary, the pilot programs should focus on the near term and will discuss stakeholders’ reasonable expectations for the next two to three years.

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