Inquiries and Complaints

File an On-Line Informal Complaint or Inquiry

Submit an on-line inquiry or informal complaint to MPSC staff by selecting the appropriate category below and completing the form. Your message will be responded to as quickly as possible.



Gas, Electric, Video/Cable or Telephone:



Customer Assistance
P.O. Box 30221
Lansing, MI 48909


File a Formal Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the results of an informal complaint investigation by Commission staff, you may pursue a formal complaint with the Commission. Because the Commission's authority is limited to the provisions in statute, a formal complaint can only involve issues that the Commission regulates.

You have the job of presenting the evidence to support your complaint and your requested relief. Remember — All documentation that you intend to rely upon at the hearing must be filed with the complaint. When filing a formal complaint you acknowledge and agree that all data, including personally identifiable information, which have been provided in the Complaint may be released by the Michigan Public Service Commission to the utility and to the utility’s representatives in order to investigate and process your Complaint.