Comment on an MPSC Case

The Commission offers the public a process for providing input on cases before it. You can provide comments to the Commission regarding your position on a case before the Commission without being an official party in the case.

You can find out about cases that may affect you by reading the public notices for hearings and opportunities to comment in the newspaper; reading about cases in your utility bill; or logging in to the Commission's web site ( You can find Notice of Hearings and Opportunities to Comment in the MPSC Documents Library here,4639,7-159-16370_64640_73474---,00.html. These notices describe the case and provide a case number, a "U" followed by a 5-digit number (for example U-11111). The notice will also explain the timeframe for filing comments and provide filing information.

Any written comments or e-mail sent to the Commission may be placed into the Commission's file on the case. As such, it will be available for public review and posted on the Commission's website, and will be available for review by the Commission.

When you send your comments, whether by mail or e-mail, you will need to include the case number. Comments can be mailed to:

                        Executive Secretary

                        Michigan Public Service Commission

                        P.O. Box 30221

                        Lansing, Michigan 48909

E-mailed comments may be sent to

If you want to become an official party to the case, you must file a Petition to Intervene with the Commission by the date provided in the Notice of Hearing and follow the other guidelines described in the notice. You can refer to the Rules for Practice and Procedure Before the Commission, which can be found at: