unauthorized switch of companies

When a company switches your telephone service without your authorization, it is called "slamming".  Slamming is a violation of the Michigan Telecommunications Act.


Call your company of choice and advise them that this happened.  (If your local service was switched, call your local company.  If your long distance was switched, call your long distance company).  Tell them that you want your service back with them and ask them the best way to do that.  If you do not know who slammed your service, ask your local telephone company if they can identify the slammer.


If the local company is able to identify the slammer, call the slamming company and ask them why they switched your service.   Do not cancel the unauthorized service until you are switched back to your provider of choice because you could completely lose your (local or long distance) telephone service if you cancel the service prior to being switched back.   Tell the slamming company that you want all charges credited and that you want to see a copy of the documentation that authorized the switch.  The company is required to credit the first 30 days of charges and should provide a copy of the documentation authorizing the switch.  If the company cannot provide documentation that the switch was authorized, you may file an informal or formal slamming complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission. 


You can verify which company you have for local toll service by dialing 1-area code -700-4141, and which company you have for long distance service by dialing 1-700-555-4141 or by dialing "0".