• First Time Renters & Homeowners Utility Tips for First Time Renters & Homeowners PDF iconBefore moving out of your residence, contact your utility company about shutting off service to ensure you are not billed past your move-out date. Contact should be made 10 days prior to the date you want service terminated.
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  • portable generator consumer info tip Portable Generator - Carbon Monoxide Safety PDF iconGenerator engine exhaust contains VERY HIGH LEVELS of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poison gas.

    You CANNOT SEE, SMELL, OR TASTE carbon monoxide, but it COULD KILL you in minutes.
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  • electric word cloud Find All Electric Customer Tips The MPSC has compiled a set of consumer tips that will help consumers navigate the electric industry.

    Topics include: the selection of alternative electric suppliers, surviving electrical power outages, service interruption credits, reducing energy usage, appliance service plans, and bill payment assistance programs.