• power lines consumer tip Electric Outage Service Credits PDF iconCustomers may be eligible for a credit on their electric bill if they experience lengthy or frequent service outages.

    To request an electric outage service credit, customers should contact their electric utilities.
    Consumer Tip

  • switch provider carousel Natural Gas Choice is Here PDF iconChurches, schools, charities, eligible hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations are exempt from state sales tax on regulated electric, natural gas, and telecommunication bills.

    This results in significant savings on monthly utility bills. Consumer Tip

  • utility deposits carousel Utility Deposits - What Business Owners Need to Know PDF iconA business owner has many fixed expenses and paying for utility service may be one of the more significant. To prevent disconnection of service or payment of a costly security deposit, it is important to understand the rules that may affect your commercial service.
    Consumer Tip
  • business word cloud Find All Business Customer Tips The MPSC has compiled a set of consumer tips that will help business customers navigate issues related to energy and telecommunications services in Michigan.

    Topics include: energy utility security deposits, customer contracts, meter accessibility, and more.