Lifeline Eligibility Database

Telecommunications providers can now verify a Michigan consumer’s eligibility for the Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program through the Michigan Lifeline Eligibility Database (MLED).   MLED will provide Eligible/Not Eligible qualification for a customer for Lifeline by confirming the consumer’s participation in one of the following five programs:  Medicaid, Food Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the State Emergency Relief (SER) and Home Heating Credit (HHC) components of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.  In addition to qualifying original Lifeline applications, Michigan providers can also use MLED to assist in their annual recertification of Lifeline customers. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Per the Federal Communications Commission’s December 1, 2016 order in WC Docket No. 11-42 (DA 16-1324), customers are now also eligible for the Lifeline Program by participation in the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits Program. 

In addition, the FCC granted the MPSC a waiver of the new federal Lifeline eligibility criteria. On December 20, 2018 the FCC granted a waiver extension until June 28, 2019

Important Message: On March 8, 2019, the FCC announced that Michigan is in the next wave of the soft launch of the National Verifier. The soft launch begins on March 12, 2019. Michigan Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs) that are seeking federal support for Lifeline service will be responsible for ensuring that subscribers are enrolled or recertified under the FCC's revised eligibility criteria and those ETCs should begin using the National Verifier.

Keep in mind that the waiver is in effect until the National Verifier is fully operational. While ETCs may begin using the National Verifier, they may also have to check the MLED to ensure that eligibility programs that fall within the waiver are also being checked. Once the National Verifier is fully operational and the hard launch has occurred, the waiver will no longer be in effect and it will be mandatory that wireline and wireless ETCs use the National Verifier for federal purposes.

Michigan wireline ETCs and basic local exchange providers will also continue to use the MLED after the hard launch for Lifeline compliance with the Michigan Telecommunications Act.