Industry Tariff Information

A tariff is a statement of a telecommunications provider’s rates, services, and terms and conditions of service. Tariffs can be for either intrastate or interstate services. Intrastate tariffs, those for services that take place entirely within the state of Michigan, are filed with and reviewed by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) while interstate tariffs are filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Intrastate Tariffs

Intrastate tariffs are for telecommunications services where all parties on the communication are located within the state of Michigan. Common intrastate tariffs filed by providers include local exchange (local voice communications service), interexchange service (intrastate long distance), and intrastate access service. These tariffs are filed with the MPSC and are reviewed by Telecommunications Division staff for compliance with the appropriate requirements. A provider’s tariffs are public documents and the MPSC maintains an index with links to tariffs of providers operating in Michigan.


Interstate Tariffs

Tariffs for interstate services, most commonly interstate access service, are filed with the FCC. Information on the FCC's tariff rules and procedures can be found on the FCC's website. Providers and other interested parties can review interstate tariff filings using the FCC's Electronic Tariff Filing System (ETFS). For any questions about interstate tariffs or their filing requirements please contact the FCC.