Telecommunications Competition Reports

MPSC Reports on the Status of Telecommunications Competition in Michigan:

Based on available data gathered by the Commission through its surveys over the last fifteen years:

  • The total number of wirelines in Michigan in 2015 decreased by about 395,000 from 2014, continuing a trend that began in 2002.

  • Competitive providers held 22 percent of the total wireline market in 2015.

  • The percent of competitive lines served by competitive providers’ own facilities was 21.8 percent in 2015, an increase from 2014.

  • ILECs with 250,000 or more access lines served 72.17 percent of the market.



Staff Reports on Market Conditions Survey Data


  • The original survey vehicle was developed through a collaborative process set forth in the Commission’s order in docket U-12320 in 2000.

  • This docket was initiated to review AT&T Michigan’s application for Section 271 long distance authority.

  • The results of portions of this survey are reported as total CLEC group numbers to maintain the confidentiality of the individual company numbers.

  • Survey expanded after November 21, 2005 MTA (2005 PA 235) amendments were signed into law.

  • Section 103 of the MTA requires that a provider submit to the Commission all information that is required by the Commission which is necessary for preparation of the annual report.