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The following questions and answers were prepared based on the current status of electric customer choice in Michigan. Answers are subject to change based on future MPSC orders and any new state and/or federal legislation.

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If you have any additional questions or need more clarification, contact MPSC Customer Choice Staff below:

Heather Cantin
Retail Choice
Direct - (517) 284-8266

Stephanie Haney
Retail Choice
Direct - (517) 284-8267


Alternative Electric Suppliers


I want to become an Alternative Electric Supplier (AES) in Michigan, how do I apply?

Any company wanting to become a Michigan licensed AES must submit an application to the MPSC electronically through it's e-docket system. This information, and more about AES licensing can be found here.

I am a marketer/broker/consultant and do not take title to the commodity, do I need to apply for a license with the MPSC?

No. The MPSC holds the licensed AES responsible for their third party marketers.

How can I keep up with news about Electric Customer Choice in Michigan?

You can subscribe to various MPSC email distributions lists through the E-mail Subscriptions icon on the main page of the MPSC website.

Where can I learn more about Electric Customer Choice?

Learn more about Michigan's Electric Customer Choice program here, which has links to MPSC documents and other important sources.