Code of Conduct for Electric Utilities and Alternative Electric Suppliers

The Commission issued an order on October 29, 2001, in Case No. U-12134, adopting a code of conduct for all electric utilities regulated by the Commission and for all alternative electric suppliers.

Public Act 141 of 2000, the Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act, took effect on June 5, 2000. Subsection 10a(4) of Act 141 directed the Commission to issue, within 180 days, an order establishing a code of conduct. On December 4, 2000, the Commission issued an initial order in Case No. U-12134 adopting a code of conduct. The Commission issued a further order in Case No. U-12134 adopting the most recent code of conduct on October 29, 2001. Case No. U-12134 was an e-filed case and the Commission's case file is available for viewing electronically.

The code of conduct is intended to promote fair competition by establishing measures to prevent cross-subsidization, information sharing, and preferential treatment between the regulated and unregulated operations of electric utilities, alternative electric suppliers, and their affiliates. An electric utility or alternative electric supplier is prohibited from taking punitive action against any individual (including an employee) or entity who files a complaint with the electric utility, the alternative electric supplier, or the Commission, or otherwise causes an alleged violation of this code of conduct to come to the attention of the Commission.

Public Act 88 of 2004, effective April 22, 2004, amends PA 141 to permit utility companies to continue providing appliance service plans through their utility or affiliated company operations. A utility shall comply with the code of conduct established by the commission and if the utility offers an appliance service program it is also subject to Sec. 10a (6) thru (11) of PA 88.

Affiliate Transaction Guidelines

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