Consumers Energy MPSC-Approved Natural Gas Utility Rate Books

Michigan Public Service Commission approved rate schedules, rules, regulations, and standard forms governing the distribution and sale of natural gas by utilities operating in Michigan.

Consumers Energy Company
  Rate Book Source: Michigan Public Service Commission Rate Book Files
  Rate sheets filed by utilities pursuant to a Commission Order are generally due within 30 days of the order date and posted to the website after MPSC staff review.
Current Rate Book - MPSC #2
    Complete Rate Book - MPSC #2 Sheets A-1.00 through Sheet G-10.00 2.14 MB
      Current Rate Book - MPSC #2 (in smaller files)  
        Sections A and C-28 Index, Territory Served, Administrative Rules Index, Controlled Service, Curtailment, Metering 1.19 MB
        Sections C-29 through the End GCR Clause, GCR Factors, CAP, Rate Schedules, Transportation, Customer Choice, Standard Forms Index 1.61 MB

Cancelled Rate Sheets from MPSC #2
    Sheets A-1 through C-28   1.69 MB
    Sheets C-29 through the End   3.65 MB

Cancelled Rate Book and Sheets from MPSC #1
Rate Book - MPSC #1
    Complete Retired Rate Book - MPSC #1 Sheets A-1.00 through Sheet H-10.00 11 MB
    Standard Forms- MPSC #1   4 MB
      Cancelled Rate Book - MPSC #1 (in smaller files)  
        Sections A and B Index, Territory Served, Technical Standards, Controlled Service, Curtailment, CAP 6 MB
        Sections C through the End Billing Practices, GCR Factors, Rate Schedules, Transportation, Customer Choice 5 MB
Cancelled Rate Sheets From MPSC #1
    Sheets A-1.00 through A-11.00 10 MB
    Sheets A-12.00 through A-37.10   8 MB
    Sheets B-1.00 through B-72.00   8 MB
    Sheets B-73.00 through B-85.00   6 MB
    Sheets C-1.00 through H-11.00   8 MB
    Standard Forms 58 through 1241   7 MB

Standard Forms 1245 through 3819

  7 MB


As the current rate book is revised, content is occasionally shifted to different pages within the rate book. Therefore, cancelled rate sheet page numbers may not correspond to current rate book page numbers.

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    • For FERC-approved books, see Gas Tariff Books page.
      • Rate Books may not yet reflect GCR Factors that are pending MPSC approval.
      • Rate Books may not yet reflect changes approved by recent MPSC orders. See MPSC Gas Orders page for orders issued in past few months. To search for proposed Rate Book changes that are not yet approved, search MPSC Case Index under utility name (in quotes) using keywords such as rate, gas, tariff, and rule.