what is natural gas choice?
MPSC Natural Gas Customer Choice Programs
Natural Gas Customer Choice permits you to shop for gas for your home or business from a diverse market of alternative gas suppliers (AGS). You can select an AGS or do nothing and continue to get your gas from your local gas utility under existing regulated rates

If you are a natural gas residential or business customer of Michigan Gas Utilities - MGU, Consumers Energy Company, DTE Gas Company or SEMCO Energy Gas Company you can now choose the company that sells you natural gas. In the past, your local gas utility has both sold you the gas and delivered it to you. Now, the utilities will continue to deliver gas to you but you may choose either an AGS or your local gas utility to sell you natural gas.

Consumers Energy's program began April 1, 2001
DTE Gas Company began April 1, 2002
MGU's program started June 1, 2002
SEMCO's program started October 1, 2002.

AGS's may contact you to sign you up in any of these utilities' service territories.

You can select the AGS of your choice or do nothing and continue to get your gas supplied by your local gas utility under regulated rates. The rates of AGS's are not regulated. Your natural gas will continue to be delivered by your local gas utility regardless of which gas supplier you choose. If you smell gas or have other safety related concerns about your gas service, you should contact your local gas utility, just as you have done in the past.

If you wish to consider a new AGS, you should shop around, just as you would for any product using the MPSC's CompareMIGas website or any of the AGS websites. You may also call and of the AGS's and get their prices and contract terms. Read all information provided by the AGS before you sign the contract.

Look at the Customer Choice program of the gas utility that serves you currently. You will be able to get a description of the program, a comparison of residential rates, a list of licensed suppliers and answers to frequently asked questions.