Standards of Conduct

Transportation Standards of Conduct
and Codes of Conduct


The Michigan Public Service Commission has approved Transportation Standards of Conduct to assist in the development of a competitive marketplace for natural gas in Michigan. The standards are designed to insure that utility customers who choose non-affiliated gas marketers will continue to receive the same level of service under the utilities' Transportation Tariffs as customers who choose utilities' non-regulated affiliated marketing companies. The purpose of the standards is to assure that all customers or their non-affiliated marketing agents will have access to the same information, in the same time frame and in the same manner that customers of the utilities' affiliated marketing companies receive. This helps to insure that customers choosing utilities' non-regulated affiliated marketing arms do not receive treatment more favorable than customers choosing nonaffiliated marketers. These standards are found as part of Transportation Tariffs in utility Rate Books.

The objective of the Transportation Standards of Conduct is stated as follows:

This rule is intended to promote fair competition and a level playing field among all participants involved in transportation within the Company's regulated gas service territory.


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The Commission has also approved Supplier Codes of Conduct that are part of Gas Customer Choice tariffs which can be found under the program details for each utility from the main Gas Customer Choice page. These standards are found as part of Customer Choice Tariffs in utility Rate Books.

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