Green Pricing Programs


Section 61 Green Pricing Programs

2016 PA 342, Sec. 61 directs electric providers to offer customers the opportunity to participate in a voluntary green pricing program (VGP). Electric providers whose rates are regulated by the Commission must have their programs approved by the Commission. With the exception of DTE Electric, the VGP program of all rate-regulated providers were approved in 2018.

U-18349 (Summary Case)  
Alpena Power Company Consumers Energy Company
DTE Electric Company Indiana Michigan Power Company
Northern States Power Company- Wisconsin Upper Peninsula Power Company
Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation Wisconsin Electric Power Company

Section 61 Green Pricing Program Events

MPSC staff expects the next biennial cases will begin in Fall 2019.

Section 61 Green Pricing Program - Related Documents

The tariff for each approved VGP program may be found within the Electric Rate Books