Upper Peninsula Power & Wisconsin Public Service

Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCo) and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC) both have voluntary renewable energy programs called NatureWise.

The UPPCo program became available following the Commission's December 20, 2002 Order in Case No. U-13497. Seventy-two customers were participating by the end of 2006. Each 100 kWh block costs a premium of $4.00 (4¢/kWh) above the normal cost of electric service from UPPCO. Customers can purchase as many blocks as they choose and can discontinue at any time. The renewable power comes from wind turbines located in eastern Wisconsin, and power purchased from a Wisconsin farmer who generates electricity from on-site manure, using an anaerobic digester.

WPSC has 12 NatureWise customers in Michigan. NatureWise energy costs $2.65 extra per month for each block of 100 kilowatt-hours purchased (2.65¢/kWh).