What is Customer Generation?

Typical customer electric generation technologies include solar photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, and on-farm anaerobic digestions systems. See the Energy Information Administration website for more detailed information on these generation technologies. Customer generation facilities must be located on the customer's premises. 

Customers planning to develop electric generation projects should contact their utility as early in the planning process as possible. Utility interconnection and net metering contact information is available on the MPSC website. Customers must follow the Generator Interconnection Requirements approved by the MPSC for their utility. These documents outline the process, requirements, and agreements used to install or modify generation projects designed to operate in parallel with the Utility electric system. The interconnection process for small, inverter-based projects is illustrated on the interconnection process flow diagram shown below.
Technical requirements (data, equipment, relaying, telemetry, metering) are defined according to type of generation, location of the interconnection, and mode of operation (Flow-back or Non-Flow-back). The process is designed to provide an expeditious interconnection to the Utility electric system that is both safe and reliable. The Project may not commence parallel operation until approval has been given by the utility. It is recommended that written approval be provided by the utility to the project developer in all instances before any interconnected generator begins operating.

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Electric Generation Project Workflow