Regulated Energy Division

Bill Stosik, Director

The Regulated Energy Division is responsible for accounting and audit issues, financial statistics, annual reports, rate case participation, rate design, energy tariff administration, and cost of service. This division also administers the maintenance of annual reports and public utility assessments on an annual basis. The Regulated Energy Division consists of three sections: Rates and Tariffs, Revenue Requirements and Analytical Support.

Rates and Tariffs is responsible for rate design for gas, steam and electric utilities, energy tariff administration, providing support for interstate gas and electric rate issues, special contracts, intrastate gas pipeline rates, cost of service, providing support for decoupling and reconciliation issues, load and usage statistics, and interstate/intrastate energy rate comparisons.

Revenue Requirements is responsible for accounting and audit issues during general rate cases including the development of revenue requirements, cost of capital, capital structure, return on equity and mergers and acquisitions. This section is also responsible for the administration of the Uniform Systems of Accounts.

Analytical Support is responsible for reviewing requirements of various docketed cases involving Affiliate Transactions of regulated gas and electric utilities, as well as being involved in Code of Conduct and rule-making related to PA 341.

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