Robin Ancona, Director

The Telecommunications Division is responsible for providing the Commission with technical assistance and policy recommendations on telecommunications issues impacting Michigan and its citizens.  The division fulfills its responsibilities by supporting the Commission in all activities relating to the regulation of basic local telephone service, Emergency 9-1-1 service, telephone service for the speech and hearing impaired, Lifeline, and all other state regulatory requirements as defined by the Michigan Telecommunications Act of 1996 (MTA), 1991 PA 179, MCL 484.2101, et seq., and the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.  In addition, the division oversees 2006 PA 480, and is responsible for issues pertaining to video and cable television as well as certain telecommunications provider rights-of-way issues under 2002 PA 48. The division also oversees the Connect Michigan broadband mapping and planning program. The division is comprised of three sections: Licensing & Competitive Issues, Rates & Financial Analysis and Access Restructuring Fund Administration.

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