Video Competition Reports

MPSC Reports on the Status of Competition for Video Services in Michigan

Based on available data gathered by the Commission through its 2017 survey:

  • Michigan providers reported 2,042,026 video/cable customers. This does not include customers of satellite providers which are not required to have franchise agreements with municipalities.

  • Overall, there are currently 2,060 franchise agreements in existence in Michigan (both individual franchise agreements entered into before the Act that have not yet expired, and the Uniform Video Service Local Franchise Agreements as required by the Act). This is an increase of fifteen (15) compared to the previous year.

  • Providers reported investing over $100 million in the video/cable market in Michigan in 2017 and over $1.1 billion since the Act took effect.

  • The MPSC made three recommendations to the legislature: changing the due date of the annual report to March 1 from February 1 to provide survey respondents more time to provide information to the MPSC; requiring providers to provide certain contact information to the MPSC; and requiring a provider to notify the Commission if it changes its name, goes out of business, or merges with another company.