Evaluation Workgroup

The mission of this working group is to facilitate coordination, communication, and education among program evaluators working in Michigan and between Commission staff, program administration staff, program implementation staff, and other interested stakeholders, on evaluation-related topics.

Specific goals include:

  • Facilitate communication among Commission, IOU, and municipal utility staff charged with evaluating Energy Optimization (EO) programs
  • Facilitate the communication of program results and findings from process, impact, and market evaluations.
  • Advise the Commission on issues related to program evaluation.
  • Advise the Commission on establishing a transparent process for adding measures, reviewing and updating deemed savings of existing measures, and inputs into the derivation of deemed values.
  • Enable coordination in evaluation activities, as practical, across utilities.
  • Educate stakeholders on program evaluation, including: role of evaluation; methodologies; and use of evaluation results.