Michigan Energy Measures Database

The Michigan Energy Measures Database (MEMD) was supplied by Morgan Marketing Partners as a basis for development of initial energy efficiency savings calculations and potential savings for energy efficiency programs. The MEMD was purchased by natural gas and electric providers in Michigan and incorporated into the development of provider-specific Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) plans, formerly referred to as Energy Optimization (EO) Plans. Section 71 of PA 342 of 2016, which amended 2008 Public Act 295, describes the required components of Energy Waste Reduction Plans.

The users of the data are intended to be program planners, regulatory reviews and planners, utility and regulatory forecasters, and consultants supporting utility and regulatory research and evaluation efforts.

The objectives of the MEMD database:

  • Provide users with accurate information on potential technologies or measures that could be used in an energy efficiency programs and for Integrated Resource Planning (IRP).
  • Provide customized measures for Michigan specific weather and loads.
  • Allow for consistent application of information across Michigan for energy efficiency planning and goal measurement.
  • Allow for consistency of assumptions.
  • Provide documentation for regulatory review and reconciliation processes.

Links to MEMD tables are found below. Please address any questions to Dave Walker.



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