Smart Grid

  • Smart Grid refers to the process of integrating modern technology into the existing electrical power grid to improve reliability, power quality and efficiency. This process will enable each component of the grid the ability to "talk" and "listen" in order to improve electricity delivery from the utility companies to consumers.

    Additional information contained on our Smart Grid 101 and Consumer Education pages will provide a quick overview of the current electric grid and the envisioned benefits associated with this transition.

    You may have noticed a new symbol on the right side of our page! The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) is a group of public and private stakeholders who work together to create common frameworks and understanding for connectivity and communication used in the Smart Grid. The stakeholders include vendors, researchers, utility & government representatives. Establishing common standards lowers risk and improves reliability for everyone using the electrical grid. The MPSC has been involved with SGIP since 2010 and is considered a "Founding Member" of the organization. The MPSC believes that technology interoperability standards created by this group will be an important component of the future Smart Grid.

SG Stakeholder Books

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