Michigan Activity

Throughout Michigan, there have been several pilot programs conducted for the purpose of testing various smart grid technologies in real world conditions.

In January of 2007, Consumers Energy began its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program with a staged approach assessing and testing smart grid technologies prior to any pilot applications. In 2009, Consumers Energy began its first AMI pilot program in Jackson, Michigan. The Company began installing smart meters in the Muskegon area in August 2012.

Currently, Consumers Energy is conducting a SmartStreetTM pilot program centered in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In March 2011, smart meters were installed at participating homes and businesses. Electric usage information will be available to those customers through a web site or in-home display allowing customers to track their energy usage by the month, week, day, or hour. Additional information on this pilot program is available on Consumers Energy's web site.

In October 2008, Detroit Edison Company (DTE) began its AMI program by installing 10,000 smart meters in Grosse Ile, Michigan. This pilot program was intended to test the AMI network functionality and quantify its benefits. The initial pilot led DTE to develop a second phase of pilot installation which began in the summer of 2009 and covered the following areas: Harsens Island, Milford, and West Bloomfield.

Currently, DTE is conducting a SmartCurrentsSM project focused in Oakland County with some work done in Detroit. The SmartCurrentsSM project spans three interrelated projects: AMI, Smart Home, and Smart Circuit.

  • AMI - The SmartCurrentsSM portion of this project consists of installing 600,000 smart meters. However, Detroit Edison plans to replace all of its customers' electric meters with smart meters. As of November 2012, the Company has installed over 780,000 smart meters.
  • Smart Home - provides a dynamic pricing pilot to 5,000 customers and provides a portion of those customers with smart appliances, in home displays, and programmable communicating thermostats.
  • Smart Circuit - involves upgrading 55 circuits with technology that will help restore power more quickly in the case of an outage.


The SmartCurrentsSM program is partially funded by a federal grant that provides $83.9 million towards these infrastructure improvements. Additional information on this program is available on the Smartgrid.gov website.

Rate cases that include Smart Grid cost recovery:

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