Customer-Requested Renewable Energy

Voluntary Renewable Energy Programs (2005 and Pilot Programs)

Consumers Energy Renewable Resource Program

DTE Electric Company GreenCurrents Program

DTE Electric Company Voluntary Renewable Energy Pilot Program

Section 61 Green Pricing Programs

2016 PA 342, Sec. 61 directs electric providers to offer customers the opportunity to participate in a voluntary green pricing program. Electric providers whose rates are regulated by the Commission must have their programs approved by the Commission. MPSC staff expects the programs to be approved by April 20, 2018.

U-18349 (Summary Case)  


  • Commission provided green pricing program filing guidance to the utilities
  • One round of comment and reply comment
  • Established nine dockets for utility green pricing program filings
  • Approved 7 of 8 Utility VGP Programs

Additional Steps

  • Contested cases have been opened to more thoroughly examine DTE and CE’s green pricing programs
        U-18351 (CE)- Approved October 5, 2018
        U-18352 (DTE)- Refiling by February 2019

Section 61 Green Pricing Program Events

February 2019 DTE Voluntary Green Pricing Program Refiling Due

Section 61 Green Pricing Program - Related Documents

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