State Reliability Mechanism

Provisions in 2016 PA 341 Sec. 6w requires the MPSC to determine a generation capacity charge in certain areas of the state where some customers are served by non-utility electric providers under the electric choice program.


Additional Steps

  • SRM Charges, if any, will be levied on AES customers after June 1st, 2018

Task Reports

On March 10, 2017, the MPSC issued an order in Case No. U-18239 and Case No. U-18248 to establish a state reliability mechanism (SRM) as outlined in PA 341 Sec. 6w for Consumers Energy and DTE Electric territories. Additionally, the March 10 order opened dockets in Case No. U-18253, Case No. U-18254 and Case No. U-18258 for Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation, Upper Peninsula Power Company and Cloverland Electric Cooperative territories. On May 11, 2017 the Commission also issued an order in U-18197 directing technical conferences related to SRM capacity demonstrations

Task Events

U-18239 Consumers Energy Scheduling Memo
U-18248 DTE Electric Scheduling Memo
U-18253 UMERC Scheduling Memo
U-18254 UPPCo Scheduling Memo
U-18258 Cloverland Scheduling Memo

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