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EWR Service Companies

Energy Waste Reduction Service Company (EWRSC) requirements are described in Section 93(13) of the Act.  The EWRSC must possess the expertise, resources, and business practices necessary to design and implement customized energy waste reduction programs for certain non-residential electric customers that will meet the energy savings requirements of the Act. For more information on the eligibility of customers, please see the Self-directed EWR Plans.  

The Commission, in U-16199, has established an approval process for companies seeking designation as an EWRSC.  A company that desires to become an EWRSC shall submit an application to the MPSC that complies with each requirement set forth in the approval process and agree to follow the EWRSC Code of Conduct. The MPSC will maintain a list of approved EWRSCs on this website. (Note: there are no approved EWRSCs at this time.)

Please address any questions to Dave Walker.

EWRSC Documents:

Approval Process (Application)

EWRSC Code of Conduct