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Michigan Behavior Resource Manual

The Michigan Behavior Resource Manual (BRM) provides the basis for energy efficiency programs designed to achieve energy savings by motivating customers to adopt behaviors that result in more efficient energy consumption.  Behavior-based programs provided in utility energy waste reduction (EWR) programs incorporate the programs and values contained in the BRM.

The users of the BRM are intended to be involved in Michigan EWR programs, services, and activities, including program planners, regulatory reviewers and planners, utility and regulatory forecasters, and consultants supporting utility and regulatory research and evaluation efforts.

The objectives of the BRM:

  • Provide users with accurate information on behavior efficiency measures that may be used in an EWR program and for integrated resource planning (IRP).
  • Provide a common and consistent source of information for behavior EWR programs.
  • Support standardization across Michigan, expedite evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V), and increase transparency in reporting, calibration, and reconciliation.
  • Document the available best-practice assumptions regarding behavior programs and their evaluation, and how these assumptions are incorporated in adopting Michigan behavior programs.
  • Document assumptions and Michigan-specific parameters for savings calculations.

Links to the BRM and related documents are found below. Please address any questions to Dave Walker.


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