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Bradley Stoddard, Director,  Michigan's Public Safety Communications System
Phone: 517-284-4101,

Bradley Stoddard is responsible for the oversight of one of the most state-of-the-art public safety radio systems in the country. Hosting over 1,600 public safety agencies across the state, the $230 million system serves the needs of federal, state, and local first responders and plays a critical role in how Michigan responds to emergencies and the everyday public safety needs of its citizens.


Peter Langenfeld, Deputy Director, Enterprise & Administrative Services
Phone: 517-284-4090 ,

Pete Langenfeld is responsible for the Public Safety Enterprise Services Unit and the Business Services and Communication and Outreach areas within MPSCS. The PSESU team implements and supports integrated public safety applications and technologies such as Computer-Aided Dispatch, NetMotion, Automatic Resource Locator, Automatic Vehicle Locator and mobile computing applications for MPSCS users all over the state. He also is responsible for management and administration of MPSCS’s Enterprise Asset Management System and WAVE, a push-to-talk platform that connects radio, cellular and Wi-Fi that Michigan’s first responders can use to communicate with each other.

Mr. Langenfeld also provides oversight to the business services team that manages the functional business engine of MPSCS. This includes the areas of project man­agement, purchasing and billing. The team also manages business logistics for public safety co-locations at both state-owned and commercially owned tower sites.


Theron Shinew, Deputy Director, Management Services
Phone: 517-284-4102,

Theron Shinew directs all projects that integrate or co-locate local infrastructure with MPSCS (radio towers, supporting electronics and shelters, and radios). Mr. Shinew is responsible for planning and implementation of MPSCS upgrades and enhancements as well as ongoing operation and maintenance. In addition, he coordinates information technology initiatives and is the liaison with the Michigan State Police.


Rodney Anway, Site Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 517-284-4074,

Rodney Anway manages the Site Maintenance staff which is responsible for maintaining and repairing all MPSCS radio towers and related equipment located on sites across Michigan. His crew of tower technicians replaces lights and installs/repairs components such as cables, antennas and microwave dishes mounted on towers. The crew also maintains generators and HVAC equipment inside of tower shelters, as well as fencing, gates and locks. Rodney ensures adherence to tower and shelter maintenance schedules, authorizes purchases of parts and equipment, and conducts inspections of towers, antennas and shelters. He also performs a tower structural analysis for each tower undergoing an inspection.


Josh Drazkowski, NCC Supervisor
Phone: 517-284-4068,

Josh Drazkowski is responsible for directing the work of the Network Communications Center (NCC). The NCC monitors the MPSCS infrastructure, operational readiness, maintenance and enhancements to MPSCS as well as other supporting radio systems. Mr. Drazkowsk’s staff in the NCC has full operational control of the MPSCS Network, and they are critical in identifying system technical failures, coordinating emergency system repairs, supporting interoperable communications, analyzing system performance, and ensuring the operational readiness of the MPSCS. He also works closely with the Engineering, Radio Programming Unit, and MPSCS Field Services staff on a variety of issues and programs, including the integration of new infrastructure and preventative and reactive maintenance for State and local users of MPSCS.


Buzz Leach,  Business Unit Manager
Phone: 517-490-4148,

Gerald “Buzz” Leach is responsible for the Business Services section of MPSCS. The Business Services section provides MPSCS Program Management, a performance and trending measurement program that leads to long term business improvements. Business Services is also responsible for MPSCS member outreach, billing analysis and management, project and process improvement, policy development, and system growth trending. They manage the business logistics for public safety co-locations on MPSCS tower sites, as well as commercial co-locations on non-MPSCS towers and facilities.


Dan Robinson, Support Services Manager
Phone: 517-284-4085,

Dan Robinson is responsible for supporting the work of Electronics Technician Supervisors located in radio shops across Michigan, who in turn support the ongoing operation, maintenance and enhancements to MPSCS, as well as other state and local agency radio systems. This position manages the supervisory staff and works closely with the Engineering Services Manager and the Infrastructure Services Manager on a variety of issues and programs, including integration of new infrastructure, preventative and reactive maintenance, radio template development and programming for State and local users of the MPSCS, fleetmapping, and support of other radio infrastructure for MDOT and MDNR.


Mark Sandberg, Deputy Director, Engineering Research and Development
Phone: 517-284-4086,

Mark Sandberg manages the Engineering Section and the Network Communications Center (NCC).

He leads a team of engineers and technicians who are responsible for providing engineering support for the 800/700 MHz radio system, microwave backhaul network, and related infrastructure. These support activities include system design and R&D, testing and verification, FCC Licensing duties, engineering for system integrations, statistical analysis, system documentation, and technical support for field staff and public safety events.

As manager of the NCC, Mark oversees a staff charged with maintaining operational readiness and programming of the MPSCS, providing system diagnostics, monitoring and support services 24/7/365.


Randy Williams, Public Safety Enterprise Services Unit
Phone:  517-284-4084,

Randy Williams leads a team of engineers and IT professionals who support the MPSCS data network, network security, and dispatch center integrations. This group supports the MPSCS suite of public safety applications, computer-aided dispatch, the automatic vehicle/resource location system, enterprise asset management, NetMotion mobile VPN, Premier Mobile Data Client, and PremierOne Mobile. This team also provides day-to-day technical support for field staff and assists with public safety deployments, including interoperable communications exercises. Additionally, the team provides research and development, testing, evaluation and documentation of in-car integrated communication equipment for State of Michigan agencies.  


Network Communication Center (NCC)
Toll-free: 1-888-554-4622
Local: 517-333-5050

The MPSCS Network Communication Center (NCC) is responsible for the operational readiness and programming of the MPSCS. Our NCC is staffed 24x7x365 with senior-level Radio Technicians.


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