Bulletin 2020-04; Urgent work at Core sites

The MPSCS in conjunction with Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI) will be performing urgent work at the below listed Core sites.  This work will require switching the active Zone Controller in each zone listed which will result in a 5-10 second site trunking event in the affected zone for radio subscribers.  Dispatch consoles directly connected to the MPSCS radio infrastructure will also experience a brief disconnection (5-10 seconds) from the radio network when the Zone Controller is switched.

Zones 1, 2, and 3 will be switched Wednesday May 27th at 11AM EDT

Zones 5, 6, and 7 will be switched Thursday May 28th at 11AM EDT

Zone 4 does not require a switch.

Zone Outline

Please share this information with your staff and users of the system to minimize disruptions to your organizations.

If you have an active emergency prior to the schedule outage time, please contact the NCC and request they temporarily delay until the emergency has stabilized

The MPSCS NCC may be contacted at (888) 554-4622 or (517) 333-5050 if you have a question regarding the operation of the MPSCS or need assistance preparing for this event.