Bulletin 2020-05; Work at tower site 6104 (Cannonsburg, Kent County)

The MPSCS in conjunction with Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI) will be performing work at tower site 6104 located in Cannonsburg (Kent County).  This work will require a two-hour site outage which will disconnect all registered portable and mobile subscribers from the site.  Surrounding sites will provide coverage for mobile subscribers while portable subscribers will experience limited coverage until the site is back up.

To allow for issues such as system usage, dispatch emergencies, and weather events (fading), the window for completing this work is scheduled from 5AM (0500) to 7:30AM (0730) on 6/4/2020.

Dispatch centers are encouraged to review their backup plans and have them in place prior to the outage event.

Please share this information with your staff and users of the system to minimize disruptions to your organizations.

If you have an active emergency prior to the scheduled outage time at a tower site, please contact the NCC and request they temporarily delay until the emergency has stabilized. If the site outage has started, the site will not return to wide trunking until the work has completed.

The MPSCS NCC may be contacted at (888) 554-4622 or (517) 333-5050 if you have a question regarding the operation of the MPSCS or need assistance preparing for this event.

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