MPSCS Mission

We proudly provide interoperable voice and data communications to over 1400 federal, state, local and private public safety agencies all over the state of Michigan, and integrate with other bordering states and Canada.

The MPSCS is one of the largest public safety communication systems in North America and features state-of-the-art, digital, trunked technology providing interoperable communications from day-to-day communications to planned and unplanned events, including disasters in Michigan.

The statewide system is Project 25 compliant and allows for 97% all weather mobile coverage throughout Michigan, and is recognized as being one of the world's leading public safety two-way radio communications systems.

Our goal moving forward is to be on the leading edge of public safety communications technology,   leveraging the technologies of broadband, Mobile Data, Computer Aided Dispatch, Automatic Resource Locator (ARL), and Asset Management hardware and software tools  while providing reliable interoperable communications as the foundation for community safety and security by minimizing the financial and technological barriers through interagency cooperation.