2017 Michigan Statewide Interoperable Communications Training Conference

Thank you for attending the 2017 Michigan Statewide Interoperable Communications Training Conference. Conferences such as this one continue to be fundamentally important as we build and strengthen interoperable communications in Michigan – the backbone of our public safety efforts. It is through such opportunities that we can draw upon the experiences of others to help fortify our preparedness for whatever emergency or planned event may be coming down the road. 

Going forward, it is critical we continue our efforts to improve communications, interoperability and information sharing among public safety agencies across the state and bordering Michigan. In an emergency, every link in the chain is critical and those links must be firmly connected. That means every agency, every leader and every employee needs to be on the same page and committed to our shared strategic vision of interoperability. There can be no weak links. Tested and proven interoperable communication must always be at the ready, from reliable equipment to processes and connectivity. Don’t let an emergency be a wake-up call. Be informed. Be ready.    

We invite you to take the conference survey in MI-TRAIN and offer your input on the conference.  After you have completed your survey, you will be able to retrieve your training certificate. Click here for instructions.  

Copies of the presentations for this year’s conference can be found below. Many are large files and may take a few seconds to download, and we are unable to share a few of the largest here. Please contact us at DTMB-MI-InterOpConf@Michigan.gov for inquiries regarding presentations not available below.

Again, thank you for attending the conference. We look forward to seeing you in Traverse City, Feb. 20-23, 2018. If you have any questions or have ideas for speakers or sessions next year, please send them to DTMB-MI-InterOpConf@Michigan.gov.


MI Statewide Interoperable Communications Training Conference Planning Committee