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Verizon Crisis Response Team

In times of crisis and large events, the Verizon Crisis Response Team (VCRT) is ready to deploy mission-critical communication assets to help support first responders, government agencies, emergency operation centers, and relief shelters, to help stay connected during emergencies.  

VCRT support includes:

  • Nationwide 24x7 hotline: 800-981-9558 or Michigan Response Manager Danielle Galloway 517-881-6644
  • Loaner phones, tablets, data devices
  • Enterprise-grade 4G LTE routers with directional antenna solutions
  • In-building solutions, COW/COLT, SPOT/Portable Satellites
  • Emergency Communication & Charging Centers
  • Disaster Recovery Trailers
  • Generators/Solar DevicessUAS Commercial Drones - FAA 107 Licensed Pilots
  • Etc.

Verizon Crisis Response Team Flyer