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Radio Coverage Work Group

Radio Coverage Work Group

The Radio Coverage Work Group is designed to educate and inform the Michigan Public Safety Communications Interoperability Board (MPSCIB) and to propose a pager implementation plan to guide agencies in the transition from analog to P25 paging.  The group serves to provide user training guidelines and pre-deployment testing best practices, address in-building coverage issues by educating users on building materials that block public safety radio transmissions and develop mitigation techniques to facilitate in-building public safety communication

Al Mellon
Radio Programming Unit-DTMB

Gregory Janik
Fire Chief and Fire Marshal for Saugatuck Twp. Fire District
269-857-3000 x101

The Radio Coverage Work Group recommends:

Minimum pager firmware version: V1.20 with matching pager programming software version 03-14-10. Implements P25 phase II vocoder. Stay up to date with e-mail alerts or download useful release notes, training and more.

Newest version of Unication pager antenna with blue stripe.