EDP Directions for Landlords

On October 12, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) will begin taking applications for the Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) from landlords in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Ingham and Kent counties with three or more tenants that have fallen behind on their rent payments and are in the pre-court eviction process.

Landlords in these counties with three or more tenants may still apply to their local EDP organizations, but now have the option of applying either locally or to MSHDA.  If landlords and tenants have already applied with their local EDP organizations, they should continue to work with them on their application. Landlords should only apply to MSHDA for tenants that have not yet applied locally.

Landlord will initiate the process by:

  1. Email MSHDA of interested in applying and include the following: Property name, address, and number of tenants that will be included in the application.

  2. MSHDA will email a link to a form that the landlord will use to create a secure application folder.

  3. The landlord will upload the complete application to that folder.

  4. MSHDA will use this folder to exchange paperwork with the landlord during the application process.

Landlords should give the tenant(s) a copy of the tenant application and the program information flyer.

Landlords will work with their tenant(s) to collect the necessary application documents and submit a complete application to MSHDA.

The application package includes:

  • Landlord application.

  • Individual ledger for each tenant detailing payments made in 2020 and arrearage balance without any late fees included.

  • Copy of individual lease for each tenant (expired leases that have converted to month-to-month is acceptable).

  • Copy of individual Notice to Quit or Demand for Possession for each tenant.

  • W-9 from owner or management agent, if applicable.

  • Tenant documents required:

    • Individual tenant application.

    • One month or 28 days of income documents for persons ages 18 and older.

    • Photocopy or picture of tenant ID.

At any time in this process, tenants can use Michiganlegalhelp.org to get connected with free legal services regarding their rental situation.

MSHDA will communicate with both the landlord and tenant(s) during the application review process. 

Please note: It is important that all tenants include an email address on their application to receive information from MSHDA. 

After processing the applications for eligibility and rental assistance amounts, MSHDA will upload settlement agreements into the landlord’s secure folder that will be signed by both the landlord and tenant. 

After the signed settlement agreements are uploaded into the application folder, the rental assistance payment will be processed and mailed to the landlord.