Donating to the Michigan Archaeological Collections

We are committed to preserving Michigan history as it is represented by artifacts, whether those artifacts are excavated by professional archaeologists, or found by private citizens in their fields or yards. We accept prehistoric and historic artifacts from archaeological sites in Michigan, including submerged sites in Michigan waters, such as shipwrecks.

Please note that we do not purchase artifacts, nor do we assess the monetary value of artifacts.

Objects offered as gifts to the Michigan Archaeological Collections are more likely to be accepted if the location where the objects were found can be identified. Collectors are reminded that the law requires that they obtain the land owner's permission to remove artifacts. A permit is required to remove artifacts from federal lands, state lands or Great Lakes bottomlands.

For more information about donating artifacts, contact:

Dean Anderson, Ph.D., State Archaeologist
State Historic Preservation Office
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 East Michigan Avenue
PO Box 30044
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Phone: 517-373-1618