What types of projects can be funded?

Each year the SHPO staff develops broad goals for the Historic Preservation Program, based upon the Michigan Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan. Projects that effectively address these goals in the following areas are eligible for funding:

Survey Projects
The inventory of historic and archaeological sites may be conducted as intensive level research or thematic identification. All documents produced by a survey project are added to the permanent inventory at the Michigan Historical Center.

Nomination projects may include the preparation of single site, historic district or multiple property nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, the official listing of the nation's cultural resources worthy of preservation.

Planning projects establish historic contexts as the basis for resource identification, evaluation and registration. They also establish management goals and set priorities for preservation efforts.

Public Education
Public education activities may include providing information to the community about local historic resources and strategies for their protection. Special events that educate the public about local history, National Register sites or preservation issues may also be eligible.

Restoration Planning
Restoration planning projects include plans and specifications, feasibility studies, historic structures reports, facade recommendations, and marketing studies for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Development projects include the protection, stabilization, preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation of properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Such projects, however, may be funded only when the conditions regulating the annual federal appropriation will allow this activity.

A description of previously funded projects (2003-present) can be viewed here.