State-Only Tax Credits for Historic Properties EXISTING PROJECTS ONLY - NO NEW PROJECTS

Public Act 38 of 2011 and Public Act 39 of 2011 terminated the state historic preservation tax credit program effective January 1, 2012. The program is no longer available to property owners and no new state tax credit applications are being accepted.

For property owners with active State Historic Preservation Tax Credit projects - to complete your project you may submit:

AMENDMENTS (active projects only)

  • One (1) completed State Amendment application

  • One (1) set of color photos

PART 3 (active projects only)

  • One (1) completed State Part 3 application including pages one (1) and two (2) including the signature and federal tax identification number of all individuals that will be making use of the credits.
  • One (1) set of color photos
  • The Part 3 review fee (see form below)

Included below are the various forms and instructions that describe Michigan's State Tax Credit program. Links to other relevant sites are also included.