State Historic Preservation Review Board Minutes September 24, 2010

Minutes Of The
State Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting
September 24, 2010, 10:00 AM
Lake Erie Room, Michigan Library & Historical Center
702 West Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, Michigan

Board Members Present
Scott Beld, Janese Chapman, Lynn Evans, Richard Harms, Carolyn Loeb, Jennifer Radcliff

Board Members Absent
Elisabeth Knibbe, Ted Ligibel, Ron Staley

Staff Members Present
Amy Arnold, Laura Ashlee, Nick Bozen, Bob Christensen, Brian Conway, Scott Grammer, Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock, Gary Heidel, Bryan Lijewski, Martha MacFarlane-Faes, Denise Sachau, Dan Schneider, Susan Sheppard, Diane Tuinstra, Todd Walsh

Members of the Public Present
Sharon Ferraro, concerning Haymarket Historic District Boundary Increase
Daniel Harrison, concerning Hull's Trace North Huron River Corduroy Segment
Greg Hillenbrand, John C. and Augusta Covell Lewis House
Kristine Kidorf, concerning Lansing Artillery Michigan National Guard Armory
Deborah J. Larsen, concerning Griggs Brothers/Rochester Elevator Company Grain Elevator
Melissa Milton-Pung, concerning Saint Mary's School
William Rutter, concerning Pleasant Ridge Historic District Boundary Increase
Rebecca Binno Savage, concerning McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Harms called the meeting to order at 10:00 a. m.

Approval of Agenda
Loeb moved approval of agenda
Staley supported Loeb's motion
Vote: 7-0

Approval Of Minutes
Harms made two amendments to the proposed meeting minutes before approval. First, the names of the board members who supported and seconded the motion for Evans to be elected Vice Chair should be changed to reflect that Staley moved to elect Evans and Knibbe seconded the motion. The second correction is found on page 7 of the meeting minutes. The last line should read "repairing the replacement windows" instead of "replacing the replacement windows".

Approval Of Minutes
Chapman moved
Loeb supported Chapman's motion
Vote: 7-0

Staff Reports

Brian Conway, State Historic Preservation Officer

  • West Michigan Pike
    • Arnold has completed a 1000+ page report
    • Will bring final version of report to January meeting
  • Michigan Modern project
    • Signed agreement with Lord, Aeck, and Sargent on September 23, 2010
    • Michigan Modern is a multi-faceted project that will tell the story of Michigan's contribution to Modernism
    • Received eleven responses to the Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Consultant will be conducting research, writing the historic context, identifying 100 significant properties to be highlighted on the
      Michigan Modern website, writing 10 National Register of Historic Places nominations, and developing various tours.
    • Pace & Partners will be creating a new website and handling public relation activities for the Michigan Modern project.
    • SHPO is partnering with a class from Eastern Michigan University's historic preservation program to research and document a selection of modern-era homes in Ann Arbor.
    • A group in Ann Arbor has created an organization, a2modern, that is focused on residential structures that were designed by faculty members of the University of Michigan's College of Architecture and Design.
    • SHPO is working with a group at Wayne State University that is seeking to preserve and restore the work of Minoru Yamasaki on their campus.
  • National Alliance of Preservation Commissions and National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers meetings in Grand Rapids
    • Meetings were held at the end of July/beginning of August.
    • Tour groups visited various places in West Michigan.
  • Geographical Information System
    • Grevstad-Nordbrock is leading an effort to replace SHPO's old, relational database with a new GIS-based database.
    • The total project cost will exceed $1 million.
  • Economic benefits study
    • Money has been set aside to complete a new study of the economic benefits of state and federal rehabilitation tax credits
    • Study is important in the face of the looming expiration state tax credit law.
    • An RFP will be issued shortly
  • Funds have been awarded to the Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN) to conduct historic district commissioner training.
    • MHPN will fine-tune their training
    • 7 historic district commissions will receive training
  • A grant has been awarded to the Village of Mackinac Island
    • Donovan Rypkema will be hired to deliver a presentation to the city council that speaks to the importance of historic preservation
    • A consultant will be hired to work with the city on their local historic district ordinance and to develop design guidelines
  • A bill has been introduced to amend the local historic districts act (PA 169)
    • The proposed amendment removes the requirement that commission members reside in the city in which they serve.
    • The proposed amendment allows a non-resident property owner to serve on the historic district commission.
  • SHPO has been involved with in review of the Woodward Light Rail project in Detroit.
  • The Weatherization Assistance Program continues to be very active
    • A staff person from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation visited SHPO for the first time in 10 years.
  • A reporter interviewed Conway for a Wall Street Journal article.
  • SHPO is working with MSHDA to develop a programmatic agreement that addresses the review of projects related to Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 funding.

John Halsey, Office of the State Archaeologist

  • OSA student assistants
    • 2 student assistants throughout the summer
    • Students cleared a backlog of survey forms and site records dating back several decades
    • 600 report abstracts and 185 new site records were created
  • Field work and site inspections
    • New access road in Goose Lake, Marquette County cuts through a very large and diffuse archaeological site.
    • Akila mining project in Menominee County
    • Remediation of the Cliff Mine site in Keweenaw County
    • Recovery of burial located in Presque Isle County
    • Expansion of gravel mine next to Waterloo Recreation Area in Washtenaw & Jackson counties
  • Three presentations over summer in Columbus & Chillicothe, Ohio, and Springfield, Illinois, regarding the Hopewell Indians and their use of copper.
  • Great Lakes Wind Council has completed its task by conducting two public meetings.
  • October 2, 2010 is Michigan Archaeology Day

National Register Nominations

Site: Chelsea Commercial Historic District, Chelsea, Washtenaw Co.
Presented By: Christensen
Moved for Approval: Loeb
Seconded: Staley
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, B, C
Level of Significance: Local
Harms indicated Ligibel's strong support, via email, for this nomination. Loeb asked about the Jiffy's (Chelsea Milling Company) significance in relation to this district. Christensen replied that the complex was not included in the original district. Staley expressed that he was impressed with the nomination, and noted that on page 16 that an architect was incorrectly listed as a builder.

Site: John C. and Augusta Covell Lewis House, Whitehall, Muskegon Co.
Presented By: Christensen
Moved for Approval: Evans
Seconded: Chapman
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: Local
Harms noted a letter of support from the City of Whitehall.

Site: Hull's Trace North Huron River Corduroy Segment, Brownstown Township, Wayne Co.
Presented By: Harrison
Moved for Approval: Radcliff
Seconded: Loeb
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C, D
Level of Significance: National
Radcliff asked how the public will know that the road exists and how it will be incorporated into a visitor experience. Harrison replied that a nearby park is open for fishing and boating, and that the best way to see the road is by kayak. Harrison added that a cantilevered observation deck would allow for direct viewing of the logs. Harms noted Ligibel's strong, via email, support for this nomination.

Site: Haymarket Historic District Boundary Increase, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co.
Presented By: Christensen
Moved for Approval: Chapman
Seconded: Beld
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: Local

Site: Lansing Artillery Michigan National Guard Armory, Lansing, Ingham Co.
Presented By: Kidorf
Moved for Approval: Staley
Seconded: Chapman
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: Local

Radcliff asked why Holland was listed twice and Adrian was omitted from the list of armories on page 10. Kidorf replied that the double listing and omission was likely a mistake that would be corrected.

Site: McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Detroit, Wayne Co.
Presented By: Savage
Moved for Approval: Loeb
Seconded: Radcliff
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: National

Chapman noted that the City of Detroit's comments, as they relate to the city's Certified Local Government status, are forthcoming. Savage noted that the impetus for this nomination and the upcoming nominations from Wayne State University is the restoration of the water features found at the buildings.

-- Conway introduced MSHDA Executive Director Gary Heidel.

Site: Saint Mary's School, Chelsea, Washtenaw Co.
Presented By: Milton-Pung
Moved for Approval: Evans
Seconded: Chapman
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: Local

Site: Pleasant Ridge Historic District Boundary Increase. Pleasant Ridge, Oakland Co.
Presented By: Rutter
Moved for Approval: Staley
Seconded: Radcliff
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A, C
Level of Significance: Local

Harms noted two letters of support, one from State Senator Gilda Jacobs, and one from Oakland County Commissioner Helaine Zack.

Site: Griggs Brothers/Rochester Elevator Company Grain Elevator, Rochester, Oakland Co.
Presented By: Larsen
Moved for Approval: Evans
Seconded: Staley
Vote: 7-0
Criteria: A
Level of Significance: Local

Historic District Committee Study Reports:
Presented by Amy Arnold

Bay City City Hall and Bay County Historical Museum Historic District, Bay City
The Board made no additional comment.

King Solomon Baptist Church Historic District, Detroit
The Board made no additional comment.

Elimination of 2371 South Livernois Avenue Historic District, Rochester Hills
The Board made no additional comment.

I.O.O.F. Temple Historic District, Wyandotte
The Board made no additional comment.

Downtown Three Rivers Historic District, Three Rivers
The Board made no additional comment.

Local Historic District Commission Appeals
Presented by Nick Bozen & Scott Grammer

Louis Pellecer, Jr. v. Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission
Radcliff moved that the Board adopt the Proposal for Decision.
Evans supported Radcliff's motion.
Vote: 7-0
Harms asked if Pellecer's appeal was not dated, and if the only date was the time stamp of the date it was received at SHPO. Bozen confirmed that the only date was that of the date stamp. Radcliff noted that none of the issues raised by Pellecer were addressed in the Proposal for Decision. Bozen confirmed Radcliff's observation. Radcliff asked that if the appeal was returned to the Historic District Commission (HDC) to address the issues raised in Pellecer's appeal, is there a possibility of a different outcome (denial). Staley expressed the opinion that returning the appeal to the HDC would not produce a different outcome. Chapman asked if the example presented in this appeal should be used as the basis for future HDC training. Conway agreed that the circumstances of this appeal will be used in future training seminars.

James and Deborah Cousens v. Clarkston Historic District Commission
Staley moved that the Board adopt the Proposal for Decision.
Radcliff supported Staley's motion.
Vote: 7-0
Radcliff asked about the obligation of the Board when work is performed and/or before permission is granted. Bozen replied that it depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. Radcliff opined that the Board has a moral imperative to encourage greater conversation between parties.

Date of Next Meetings
May 6, 2011; September 16, 2011; January 20, 2012

Staley motioned for adjournment
Evans supported Staley's motion
Vote: 7-0
Meeting adjourned.